The Thurston Council for Children and Youth

"Is it good for the children?"


A community where all children and youth, ages 0 to 21, of all cultures are healthy, safe, valued and successful.


Value Statements:


Components of Work:


History of the Council:

The Thurston Council for Children and Youth was established in early 2008 as a result of the failure of the Family Investment Initiative, Proposition 1, in 2007, which necessitated several youth and family coalitions in Thurston County to consolidate, blend resources and and work with each other to create a structure to support children and youth. TOGETHER! helped with research and guidance on structuring this new coalition.

Bylaws were adopted in November 2008. The Leadership Council and the Community Council subgroups work together to find community solutions sharing common countywide priorities. The theme of the Council is “Is it good for the children?” This question is asked at all points of discussion regarding decisions, plans and goals.


The Council plans to achieve its vision through its components of work: advocating for children and youth with policy makers, businesses and others; building partnerships for collaboration and cooperation of efforts; efficiently using resources and helping to identify additional resources; supporting local efforts; and helping to identify needs and gaps.

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The Thurston Council for Children and Youth is comprised of the Leadership Council and the Community Council.

The Leadership Council is a cross-jurisdictional representation of policy makers and elected officials.

The Community Council is made up of service providers from the former Partners for Children, Youth and Families (an advisory body to the Thurston County Board of Commissioners) and the Communities That Care coalition.

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Community Needs Assessment

Community Needs Assessment

Research and analysis to help community leaders and decision-makers answer the question: "Is it good for the children?"


This report was published in October 2010 and looks at services for children and youth in Thurston County from a systems standpoint. It is intended as a tool for policy makers and other community leaders to use when setting priorities and for assessing which type of programs to fund that benefit our children and youth.


Click here for the Community Needs Assessment


The Council has identified these three priorities for policy makers and professionals investing in the children and youth of our community:


1. Reduce food insecurity among our children and youth.


2. Increase access to affordable health care, including mental, physical and dental health and chemical dependency treatment.


3. Increase access to and improve the quality of the Early Learning System.


Click each priority for a presentation on the research behind it.


Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this report; contributors are listed within. The Community Needs Assessment was prepared by the Thurston Council for Children and Youth; TOGETHER! provides staffing and support for both the council and the assessment.

Meeting information:


Meetings are held on the 1st Monday of each month from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at the Thurston County Courthouse, Building 1, Room 280.


If you would like to become involved in this coalition, please call Becca Pilcher at 360-786-5747, or email her.


Meeting schedule is subject to change, so please contact Becca Pilcher to confirm any specific time.


Exceptions and Special Meetings:

Friday, Aug. 9, 2 p.m. at Family Education & Support Services: Informal discussion on Logic Model (optional)

Monday, Aug. 12, 1 p.m. at Family Education & Support Services: Collaboration Team meeting (optional)

Thursday, Aug. 15, 10:30 a.m. at Thurston County Courthouse Room 280: Monthly TCCY meeting

Monday, Sept. 9, 1:30 p.m. at Thurston County Courthouse Room 280: Monthly TCCY meeting