Health Promotion

Health and wellbeing are more than the absence of sickness. Healthy kids come from families and schools that nurture and nourish their hearts and minds, and from communities with healthy norms and laws. At TOGETHER! we connect, educate and advocate to find community solutions to community problems. We lead and ignite change across agencies and systems to advance the social, health and educational equity for all youth.

Health Promotion

Our health promotion work includes substance abuse prevention education for school staff, peer health leadership programs, positive community norms campaigns, parent education and other research and evidence-based programs for kids and families.

Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Other Drug Education
Since day one, TOGETHER!’s youth substance abuse prevention work has included parent, school, lawmaker and youth education. This includes:

  • Evidence-based parenting and family management classes to improve parenting skills
  • Curricula development/implementation for educators and students 
  • Community and school based presentations on health topics
  • Education and advocacy at local city council and county commission levels as well as at state legislative levels

Marijuana Toolkit/Curriculum for Middle School            

Washington State's legalization of marijuana for adult use (21 years of age and older) has increased the public's access and exposure to both marijuana products and marijuana-related advertising. Beacuse access and community norms impact youth attitudes and behaviors, there is an immediate need for preventative action to comply with federal directives and prevent youth access and use. Learn more about TOGETHER!'s youth marijuana prevention toolkit by clicking the link above.

Social Norms and Positive Community Norms Campaigns
Substance abuse and violence remain a barrier to student success in school - making them more at risk for academic struggle, absenteeism and other harms. Addressing substance abuse takes a multi-tiered approach. The Social Norms program is based on the Positive Norming science. Eleven Washington state high schools, through TOGETHER!, have implemented a Social Norms campaign, which uses posters to teach students the real numbers behind alcohol and drug use. It shows them the majority of kids do NOT use these substances, reversing negative peer pressure.

Parents Matter – Positive Community Norms Campaign

Since Initiative 502 legalized marijuana in Washington state, the young people in our community have been thrust into a new environment.

It is even more important now to open the door for conversations with the teens in our lives. They need to know the facts and science says that they are more likely to not abuse substances when their parents and trusted adults set clear standards and healthy beliefs.

Evidence and Research Based Programs for Kids and Families

When we work with kids and families, we use programs and models that are proven through research and evidence to promote health and well-being, build social skills and prevent school dropout, risky behaviors, and poor outcomes.


Strengthening Families Program
(multiple versions 3-5, 6-11, 10-14)

Guiding Good Choices
Say it Straight
LifeSkills Training
Check and Connect
Kelso’s Choice
Media Detective
Youth Mental Health First Aid
Social Norms Campaign
(including Social Norms and Community Norms campaigns)
Youth Program Quality
Communities that Care
Good Behavior Game
Peer Assistance & Leadership