The Board is designed as a forum to bring together representatives from a variety of backgrounds to strategically examine issues, to generatively create a vision for the organization, and foster collaboration and partnership, to collectively strengthen Thurston County's many diverse communities.

Meet Our Board

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Governance Board (Board of Directors)

Before we introduce you to our small but mighty Board in their own words, we want you to know we are actively seeking members. Do you have a passion for social, racial, and/or educational justice? We are recruiting community members with intersectional life experience/expertise. Parents of school age children, LGBTQ+ folx, and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are encouraged to apply! Our Governance Board will meet ~6 times per year. Want to know more? Email us at to talk with one or both of our Co-Execs, or submit a Board application (link in the column at right). 



     Dr. Melvin J. Fields Jr.
     (he, him)                            

Dr. Melvin J. Fields Jr. has more than three decades of local, state, and government leadership experience in the military, public schools, collegiate level, and non-profit. He credits his spiritual connection for everything he’s achieved including his marriage of 35 years. Both of their adult children earned STEM degrees from the University of Washington. Dr. Fields earned his Ph.D. in Leadership Studies with a focus on Social Justice from Saint Martin's University.

Melvin has traveled around the world in service to his country and earned military honors and achievements during combat. Despite having worked hard to earn all the personal and professional accolades; belonging, safety, and peace has yet to be realized for him and many others here in Thurston County and beyond. Melvin enjoys spending time with family, traveling, going to the gym, learning new things, and reading. 

“The truth is found in the origin stories of those who experienced trauma and negligence is produced when one chooses to be willfully ignorant about the happening.” -Melvin, 2023


  Vice President

 Dr. Chad Swaney
(he, him)
Chad Swaney is committed to improving the lives of young people in Thurston County. Chad has been engaged with the movement to prevent housing insecurity in Washington for many years, including serving as Secretary of the Board for Building Changes, a statewide systems change organization. He is excited to work with the staff of TOGETHER! to change the systems that prevent queer and bipoc young people from achieving their goals and making change in our community and the world. Chad has had a long career in the technology industry in Washington, specializing in building vibrant learning communities at Microsoft, Zillow, and Amazon. He holds a Doctor of Education degree from Pepperdine University and lives in rural Thurston County with his husband Charles, who is a diversity, equity, and inclusion professional in the technology industry. Chad enjoys traveling the world, meeting new people, and making new connections.



Dr. Sarah Lloyd 
(she, her)


"for the past three decades, dr. sarahlloyd has successfully led teams in k-20 education, social work, crisis support, workforce development, and public service.

with this broad range of experiences, there aren't many organizational challenges she hasn't faced...and overcome. as a systemically-marginalized human determined to change the world, she has extensive lived-experience navigating the impact of inequitable structures first-hand. every single day. in nearly every way.

with degrees in communication, educational leadership, and social justice leadership, she actively blends the theoretical with practical application, dr. sarahlloyd is uniquely positioned to give guidance and insight that is as brilliant and innovative as it is effective." 


Board Member    

Charli Terminelli
(she, her)


Charli is a dynamic Business Development Manager at Americas Credit Union and takes immense pride in being the mother of two remarkable 25-year-old men, her amazing son Tore and treasured bonus son Ryan. With a Bachelor's from Evergreen State College in Social Justice and Psychology, she's further honing her skills by pursuing an M.S. in Management & Leadership. Her influential roles on the boards of respected organizations such as the Community Foundation South Puget Sound, 4 the Love Foundation, Bridge Music Project, and Harlequin Productions accentuate her dedication and leadership. A stalwart champion of social justice, Charli immerses herself in community initiatives aiming for transformative social change and the empowerment of marginalized communities. Charli's synthesis of professional expertise, academic achievement, and deep-rooted family and community values makes her a shining exemplar in both the business realm and societal betterment.


Board Member    

Erika Frazier
(she, her)


Erika Frazier is a bilingual Branch Manager at OlyFed’s Hawks Prairie location and a member of their DEI&B committee. She moved here from El Paso, TX in July of 2020 and has worked in the banking industry for over 10 years. Her hobbies include writing and running. In 2017 she had her first article published by the Bankers Association called A Banker’s Story: At Peace with Money. Since re-locating, Erika has worked hard to get involved and find ways to support local Non-profits to include The Hawk Foundation for Research and Education in African Culture, United Way and Habitat for Humanity through volunteer hours. Her goal is to help provide financial assistance and education to our under-served communities.  What brought her to TOGETHER! is her passion for youth development as well as creating a worry-free environment for students that are experiencing hardships or lack of support. “Erika displays such an incredible passion for people,” Josh Deck, President & CEO of OlyFed said.




Board Member    

Jack George
(he, him)


Jack George is a creative based in Washington State, he has carved a unique set of skills that has allowed him to thrive on many different artistic fronts such as graphic design, photography, and videography.

Owner of Jackama graphics & media. Jack has been commissioned for logo designs for business startups and franchises alike. Jack has experience in the following photography styles: graduation, headshots, family portraits, event, sport, wedding, landscape, concert, street, product and fashion photography, with many more styes being shot every day. Jack films, edits, and color grades his videos using industry standard recording equipment and software, he has shot interviews, music videos, drone footage, events, and more as his career continues to develop. Jackama is a nickname given to him that refers to his affiliation and enrollment with Yakama Nation, one of many federally recognized tribes here in Washington State.

Jack currently works full-time with Nisqually Indian Tribe as a multi-media specialist, his skillsets mentioned above are put to full use in his day-to-day work schedule. Jack aspires to be the best he can be and applies himself full-time, on and off the clock practicing his craft. With a heavy focus on cinematography and videography methods, he hopes to tell stories for organizations and people, as we all have a story to tell.


Judith Barba Perez



Judith Barba Perez Born and raised on Zapotlan Del Rey, Jalisco, Mexico, Judith Barba Perez emigrated to the United States in 2014 and has worked ever since to be a strong and unapologetic advocate for immigrant and refugee communities. After experiencing first-hand the barriers of systemic racism immigrant families face in the United States’ education system, Judith decided to run for The Tulsa Public Schools Board of Education. She wanted to bring positive change to her community and anchored her campaign with the slogan: From the community to the community, de la comunidad para la comunidad. After surviving a nasty opposition campaign, Judith become the first-generation immigrant to serve on a school board in Tulsa Public Schools, in Tulsa, Oklahoma in February 2021. During her tenure, Judith was a powerful ally for the underserved — the families that were ignored due to their immigration status or limited English. Judith would always raise questions and concerns when the information was not provided in multiple languages, ensuring school board meetings became as accessible as possible, notably with simultaneous interpretation for all families attending. When hate crimes against the LGBTQIA2S+ community started to rise, Judith took a stand and presented herself as a powerful ally, using her position to hold other public officials accountable for their insults and restrictive, outdated beliefs. A key belief of Judith’s is that students are always the first impacted by changes to education and she wants to ensure students and parents always have a seat at the table.


Kelly Von Holtz



Kelly Von Holtz has spent over 30 years serving the state of Washington in various capacities. As a mother of six, including three bonus children and three of her own, Kelly brings a wealth of life experiences and a deep commitment to community.

Currently, Kelly holds the position of Public Relations and Marketing Director at The Evergreen State College, where she applies her extensive background in media relations. Her career has seen her contribute to departments such as Social and Health Services, Health, and Transportation, showcasing her versatility and adaptability in different sectors.

In addition to her professional achievements, Kelly has actively engaged with her local community over the past decade, volunteering with the City of Tumwater. Her dedication to public service recently led to her election to the City Council, where she continues to make a positive impact on her community.

A proud grandma, affectionately known as KeeKee, Kelly cherishes her role in the life of her granddaughter, Justice JoAnne, who is 14 months old. Kelly's commitment to learning and making a difference is evident in her involvement with TOGETHER! She sees each day as an opportunity to expand her knowledge and contribute to the betterment of the world around her.

Kelly Von Holtz epitomizes the spirit of community engagement, combining her professional expertise, passion for public service and love for family to create a meaningful and lasting impact in both her personal and professional spheres.


Dr. Melissa Beard



Melissa’s service on the Board is a full circle moment as she was employed by TOGETHER! in the late 90’s to work with students after school.  She has Bachelor’s and Doctoral degrees from University of Washington and a Master’s degree from Stanford University and has recently started Melissa Beard Consulting after working 25 years in state and local government.
Aside from her years at school, Melissa is a lifelong Tumwater resident who raised a strong independent daughter attending college in LA to study film production.  She is proud to serve on the Tumwater School Board with the goal of supporting a system that can meet the needs of students and families as they arise and a vision that students are lifelong learners with the tools they need to pursue their passions.
You can also find Melissa supporting civic education in 4-H, teaching in the MPA program at The Evergreen State College, running, kayaking, and connecting with people.


Quentesa Garraway



Quentesa Garraway (pronounced “Quin-Tessa”) is an overcomer! Born and raised in the PNW, Quentesa found her truth, value and life purpose through her lifelong battle with her own personal diagnosis of mental disorders, and trauma. This lived experience has been the driving force in her supporting, and advocating for the voices, needs, and lives of youth and young adults of underrepresented and marginalized communities being heard, valued and taken seriously. Especially when it comes to common and standard human rights. Quentesa is a product of the work and reach of TOGETHER!, spending several years with TOGETHER! as a Youth Prevention Advocate and community leader. She is a compassionate youth and young adult focused peer with a long and vast social service, faith based and community leadership upbringing. Through this level of familiarity her lived experience brings, Quentesa continues to work through systems of care as the Health Care Authority's Youth Liaison by advocating for the continued growth of understanding, and importance of youth mental health awareness/ needs, implementing of DEIB trainings and education, and racial injustice reform. Most recently she had the opportunity and privilege of supporting and working in her community, and with some amazing young people recently with the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration through DCYF. She loves to smile, loves to share a smile, and boldly stands to do the work that is needed to be done.




Board Member

position vacant    


position vacant

TOGETHER! has vacancies on our Governance Board. Interested? Service terms are 3 years long, and service is limited to 3 terms (9 total years). Questions? Email us at to connect.

Ready to apply? Complete and submit an application, and email it to Let's partner to help you utitlize your knowledge, passions, and life experience to further our shared goals of advancing health and educational equity and justice.  

Honoring our Late Board Member José S. Gutierrez Jr, M.Ed, MIT (he, him)  


José S. Gutierrez Jr. was a cherished community member, servant and educator who believed in and dedicated his life to peace, healing, and justice. He pursued these commitments as a scholar, professor, cultural ambassador, public servant, and business leader. José was a volunteer with TOGETHER! since 2009, and served on the TOGETHER! Board of Directors August 2016 until his passing in fall 2021. Thank you, José, for all of the light, love, and speaking truth to power you brought to this world. Your legacy lives on through all you influenced. Rest in Power.




Ready to rock?

If you’re ready to join TOGETHER! on our mission to advance the health and wellbeing of all young people, pply today to join our Governance Board by filling out the Board of Directors Application and emailing it to:


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From past Board Members

"The work TOGETHER! does in Thurston County is extremely important. TOGETHER!’s programs have a [long] history of making meaningful, positive change."

- Rick Hughes


"The organization’s mission is critically important for our community’s positive future."

- Celia Nightingale


"North Thurston Public Schools has partnered with TOGETHER! in the prevention of violence, alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse among our youth. ... I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact the TOGETHER! program has made on the students in Thurston County.  I am honored to work collaboratively with a community-based organization such as TOGETHER! ... ."

- Karen Johnson