Parents Matter

Sometimes people in the life of teenagers, can feel like their voice does not matter. This campaign was designed with parents, other professionals and community members who want to celebrate the parents in our community who have important conversations with their teens and inspire them to continue having these important conversations.

With the passing of I-502 which legalized marijuana in our state the young people in our community have been thrust into a new environment. It is even more important now to open the door for conversations with the teens in our lives. They need to know the facts and science says that they are more likely to not abuse substances when their parents and trusted adults set clear standards and healthy beliefs.

There is good news! Most teens said: (1)

  • Their parents set clear standards about drug and alcohol use.

  • They have adults in their life they trust and can talk to about important issues.

  • Their parents tell them they are proud of them.

Most young people have caring adults in their lives! We want to challenge you talk early and talk often, set clear standards and find ways to celebrate the strengths of your teen!
1) Washington State Healthy Youth Survey, Thurston County. (2014).

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