The Board is designed as a forum to bring together representatives from a variety of interests and backgrounds to jointly examine issues, to build collaborations among groups where appropriate, and to collectively strengthen Thurston County's varying communities.

Meet Our Board Members

Board of Directors


    Glenn Cramer

“I volunteer with the TOGETHER! Board because I have a passion for TOGETHER!’s cause and the sense of self satisfaction of being part of doing something meaningful of young people in our community.”

    Vice President

    John Emerson

“I joined the board because I believe the work TOGETHER! does through 21st Century Club House and Tumwater Community Schools will bring true change to our community. I am excited to be a part of helping to make that change a reality!”


    Heather Stafford Smith

“I feel strongly about supporting our youth and supporting work that helps the often voiceless young people feel safe and valued. Today’s youth face a multitude of challenges, many out of their control. I’m so proud of TOGETHER!’s programs and services that help mitigate and alleviate those challenges and have a direct impact on our community’s youth, helping them to live a truly healthy, full life!”


    Gerry Apple

“I am on the TOGETHER! board because TOGETHER! provides a lot of wonderful programs and activities for young people in Thurston county.”


    Karen Kirkpatrick

I am on the TOGETHER! Board “because youth are our future, and I like being part of a larger community working together to provide a safe and supportive environment to foster their sucess.”


    Cailen Cecil Wevodau

“I joined the TOGETHER! Board of Directors because I believe the health of our community's children is the key to a healthier community.”


    Dan Nicholson



    Steve Brooks

“I am passionate about finding new and creative ways to improve the well-being of youth from all backgrounds within our community. As a paramedic and firefighter, I often found myself attempting to help a young person after something tragic had occured in his or her life, but would much prefer to focus on efforts on promoting healthier options and choices in order to prevent such challenges from occuring.”


    Jim Mack

“I am committed to the children and families of our community and I will strive to ensure a healthy and safer tomorrow for all!”


     Jose S. Gutierrez Jr, M.Ed/MIT 

Jose S. Gutierrez Jr is a community member, servant and educator who believes in and is dedicated to improving youth education, support and opportunity for life success. He has pursued these commitments as a student, educator, public servant and business leader.


    Judy Kimeldorf



    Vickie Larkin

“Working in local government opened my eyes to what the needs in our community are. Children are our future and I want to ensure our children are educated about drug use and supoorted with programs that keep them healthy, support them in the "now" and work to grow them into sucessful adults. TOGETHER! offers programs that do all of this and more for our children. Serving on the Board offers a hands-on service to our community.”


    Cynthia Pratt

“As a Board Member, TOGETHER! provides me the opportunity to promote policies that contribute directly to the well-being of youth in Thurston County. Successful programs provided by TOGETHER! will leave a legacy of strong, healthy, successful individuals into the future.”


    Mary Segawa

“TOGETHER!’s strength lies in its ability to bring the power of “community” alive for the health and welfare of our youth. I am proud to support this organization as a Board member.”

Emeritus Board Members


    Chief Dusty Pierpoint



    Virgil Clarkson



Ready to roll up your sleeves?


If you’re ready to advance the health and wellbeing of all young people, join TOGETHER! on our mission. To apply to join our Board of Directors, please fill out the application form and email it to us at 

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What past Board Members have to say about TOGETHER!

"The work TOGETHER! does in Thurston County is extremely important. TOGETHER!’s programs have a 20-year history of making meaningful, positive change in the lives of at-risk children.  Every child who is touched by TOGETHER! has a substantially better chance of leading a productive, healthy life."

- Rick Hughes


"The organization’s mission is critically important for our community’s positive future."

- Celia Nightingale


"North Thurston Public Schools has partnered with TOGETHER! in the prevention of violence, alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse among our youth. ... I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact the TOGETHER! program has made on the students in Thurston County.  I am honored to work collaboratively with a community-based organization such as TOGETHER! ... ."

- Karen Johnson